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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


And another thing about tone mapping - it was speculated that HDR+ special viewing mode applied dynamic tone mapping on the 2016 TVs. Vincent Teoh says that is definitely not the case:


However, apparently the 2018 TVs do apply dynamic tone mapping to HDR10 content.





I received this response from them today, regarding HDR10+:


Upon further review of the complaint, our HQ developer has advised that Samsung is working hard in numerous ways to optimize HDR10+ provided to its 2016 TV line-ups and will soon inform customers of the progress developed.  We at Samsung will remain committed to providing our consumers with the best service possible.  Thank you for being a valued Samsung customer, we apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced with this case.


Perhaps this is the announcement Rudy was referring to. Based on this, we may have some good news after all.

Great idea to do that! And thanks for sharing it. The last two sentences are hard to swallow, but it's what you would expect them to say.



Firmware 1220.7 is now up on the UK support page, for those who want their Game Mode enhancement which was the other thing Rudy assured us would happen and has happened:


It will be a "forced" update (ie very important as far as Samsung are concerned), so if you normally don't let your TV update automatically by turning "auto" off, you won't get a choice. To avoid this update, if you didn't want all the bugfixes and the Game Mode enhancement, you would have to permanently disconnect your TV from the Internet and never connect it again.


I wonder if Samsung is also working hard in numerous ways to provide HLG support  to its 2016 TV line-ups


KS7000 owner here. Never buying Samsung again, their backtracking and lack of support has really put me off. I would never have spent so much on a tv from them knowing what I do now. 


As discussed a few pages back, I needed a new tv for another property. I’ve ordered from JL and it’s coming on Monday. And yes, it’s a Panasonic. I’m going back to my roots, was always a Panny man!



Well done. I got the EX750

For what it's worth, the new Tomb Raider movie might be the first HDR10+ release on disc. At least according to this site:

Has any one updated their TV with 1220.7 firmware?  


Yes, fixs game mode hdr. 


Yes. I’m told there are adjustments to various levels but haven’t gone into further exploration and can’t say I notice any difference, though would say that I haven’t had much viewing time since the update. 

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@Jay108 wrote:

Has any one updated their TV with 1220.7 firmware?  

Yes, many of us. 

I own a colorimeter and have measured a dramatic increase in brightness in HDR, after lot of people were posting anecdotally that it seemed brighter. It's true.


fw1208, peak brightess problem (when you consider a TV with the Ultra HD Premium badge must be able to get 1000 nits, and Samsung's HDR1000 marketing):



new f1220.7:

Movie-HDR-greyscale-eotf-Auto White.PNG


You know what they say - a picture tells 1,200 words


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