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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs




This is why it pays to listen to people like as they are more likely to get the information before us as Sky will be updated their before us. They will be able to test any update - assuming they get one before us. Lets hope Samsung at least do this right!!!

This is a great post. Thank you. 



Paul1111, never said this. You must stop to come against me. You are not able to read. you can not understand when it's time to finish it. I said I see hotbird in hdr with the internal tuner. Never said to see hotbird with a satellite receiver connected with HDMI.
I am tired of continuing to hear your falsehoods.

When I said a few weeks backs that you could not get hlg over hdmi you ripped me apart saying I was miss leading every one because you said you could get hlg over hdmi using your sat receiver from the hot bird feed.  It is here on these forums exactly what you said. 

Paul he was clearly referring to the internal DVD-S tuner in the television to receive the Hotbird transmission. That was obvious at the time and he’s clarified it many times over, despite the fact he isn’t a natural English speaker. 


You ahould apologise to our Italian friend or at least stop attacking him so flagrantly. 


I give up, this thread has now been taken over by samsung! What ever I say will be wrong and I am saying Samsung will never enable the HLG because thet want you to buy a new telly, from them! Good bye Samsung.


The point about evolution kit is extremely important. My old JS9000 (replaced by Panasonic EX750) @£700 less for extra 13 inches had a beautiful picture and HDR Content was amazing. I replaced mine as soon as I realised the problem because I did not want to loose 3D capability on HLG TV.


The point with JS range is specifically fact that Samsung sold them as being future proofed because a New Evolution Kit would protect them. 


Does not help 2016 TVs , well maybe it would with a HDMI connection l, actually. 



I give up, this thread has now been taken over by samsung! What ever I say will be wrong and I am saying Samsung will never enable the HLG because thet want you to buy a new telly, from them! Good bye Samsung.


@paul1111 If you do decide that throwing your toys out of the pram was a mistake, then I implore you to please in future trim down posts that you quote. As stated before, you don’t need to quote lengthy posts in their entirety. Thank you


@ukpetey... You obviously work for SAMSUNG. (only joking).


As far as this supposedly updated report is concerned ( It's hardly an updated report, at best it's just a reiteration of the original.


"Samsung have no plans to support BBC UHD iPlayer on its 2016 UHD TV Range", we know that already, the question is WHY no plans?

"The BBC UHD iPlayer, however, relies on a mixture of technologies, not just HLG, to enable its steaming of UHD content." Well that's obvious, isn't it, otherwise we'd all have been able to watch the HLG test. The question is, WHICH technologies are required and WHAT is preventing them being implemented on our JS (2015) and KS (2016) TVs? 


@AntS... I've been reading about the KS range already having been updated for HLG for OTA broadcast, WHY hasn't the JS range also been updated? Is there a physical reason the JS TVs cannot have this update or is it just that the required updates are not being considered? (I ask this because for about 1 year after I bought my JS TV, SAMSUNG categorically stated that Netflix HDR wasn't possible on my set then all of a sudden halfway through last year, Netflix HDR started working after an update).



It seems like us JS owners are definitely at the back of the queue with any possible updates. I am particularly concerned about the EDID issue, as I understand it this is purely a communication issue between the TV and any attached device, so in theory could be sorted by a software update. We JS owners don’t have the youtube app in HDR, so along with the BBC iPlayer our only hope of getting the most from these apps is through an external device. The LG Jazz 4K HDR/HLG Demo through USB is quite spectacular on these sets, demonstrating what they are capable of.


I also have the Samsung K8500 4k Blu-ray player and the results with that are quite variable. Some 4k movies especially those which have just been upscaled for 4k have only a marginal improvement over their blu-ray HD equivalent, while others mastered in 4K stand out, again demonstrating these sets have potential which is being overlooked by Samsung. The built in apps in the player are no better than those in the TV.


Again it looks like us early adopters of new tech pay a hefty price, but are being left by the wayside, whilst less expensive higher spec products become available, even though, with a little bit of consideration for its customers by a major manufacturer, we could be made to feel valued rather than just ignored.



please could you clarify how third party websites are able to obtain a statement from Samsung regarding No HLG support.


Someone from Samsung must have provided that information to them.


You are employed by Samsung and yet you have no information what so ever. Just does not make sense.


If third party website is providing incorrect information then why Samsung not challenging them?


Wjy are Samsung not taking actions against these 3rd party websites if Samsung never  officially provided the information to them?  


Many of of us are stuck with these Expensive TV that are already obsolete within less then a year.  And why aren't Samsung working on finding an alternative solution for HLG BBC i player ?


why is it left to the owners to find a solution Samsung have many technical engineers who can answer  our questions. 










oops my bad, sorry

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oops my bad, sorry

Sorry for what

Had my full refund now from Samsung it's now in the bank.

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