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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs

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90 people and growing and if these 90 people tell family and friends not to buy Samsung then this number has the potential to be far greater specially if their family and friends tell their family and friend and so on and so forth.


Not sure how much of an impact this would have if any on Samsung's bottom line but it would or shall I say is already damaging their reputation and any brand loyalty is now lost forever.


I think I speak for a lot of people here.


Even if Samsung perform the updates, keep their promises the damage is done and I would be very surprised if anyone here would buy another Samsung tv again.


 About to buy another 65 inch screen for work. We already have a 65" q7f but guess what this one will be... Basically anything but samsung. Well done!

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@amokuk wrote:

 About to buy another 65 inch screen for work. We already have a 65" q7f but guess what this one will be... Basically anything but samsung. Well done!

My brother is looking at a new tv guess what I told him, do not buy samsung.

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Hi ant

Please add me to the list of dissatisfied customers. I have a 55JU6500. The TV is great but, lIke the others, have been badly let down over the iPlayer issue.

No more Samsung for me unless there is a satisfactory outcome soon.

I was previously on this thread as terryo but have been unable to get back on,hence the new monicker.

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@Markbo@daleski75, and @terryo1: You guys are all on the list already. ( @terryo1: You're there under your old moniker, but I've updated your entry on it to include your new one. I've done that for a couple of other peeps too.)


I went through this entire thread (all of it!) and the KS Owners one, and noted anyone who posted what year, series or model number their TV was, and the issues with the TV they mentioned.


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@AntS Please add me to the list of dissatisfied and disheartened Samsung TV owners please.


I purchased a Samsung UE48JU7000 in early 2017. Like everyone else here, I expected the TV to be capable of being upgraded over the next few years and kept abreast of developments by Samsung providing software updates to do this. Certainly, the advertising suggested this.


My disappointment came with Samsung TVs being unable to display the Blue Planet 4k series via BBCiPlayer. I *specifically* bought a so-called "4k SUHD Samsung TV" in order to be able to WATCH EXACTLY this type of programme, only to be fobbed off with lame excuses from Samsung.


I have joined this forum to register my disappointment. THAT is a strength of my felling about this issue. Many, MANY more people won't bother, for all sorts of reasons. However, LACK of PARTICIPATION in this debate SHOULDN'T be taken as ACCEPTANCE of Samsungs stance by the "silent majority".Samsung will KNOW EXACTLY how many so called "4k SUHD" TV's they have sold from 2016 to the present  day. Samsung should treat EVERY SALE to EVERY CUSTOMER as being a disapponted, disgruntled and seriously DISSATISFIED person.


We ALL bought YOUR TVs in order to get  the BEST televisions available at the time for the best price. Sadly we have been sold products that are unable to display programmes that were amde available to UK audiences to enjoy ie Blue Planet 2.


WHY? Simple question. WHY??


So, @AntS, please ADD my complaint to your growing list if you will. My complaint isn't about Smart Things or dongles etc but simply:


*that a so-called "4k SUHD" TV was unable to display content that OTHER MANUFACTURERS equipment COULD.


*that there are 1000's of past customers (who Samsung know about from sales) who bought these "4kSUHD" TV's from you whi will NEVER complain to you directly or in this or other forums BUT WILL REMEMBER THEIR SHODDY TREATMENT by Samsung and this WILL AFFECT THEIR FUTURE PURCHASING DECISIONS - and NOT in a good way.


Thank you @AntS - apologies for SHOUTING but that is the strength of my feelings about this.

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Hi ant,


Please add me to the list of dissatisfied customers. I own a 55KS7000 purcashed in November 2016 from Curry’s. Part of the decision to purchase this TV was based on its Smart Home capabilities while I would have also expected the TV to have been supported longer than Samsung is now offering . I would have certainly expected it to support a well-known format such as HLG as well as well new content released from a well-known broadcaster such as BBC all within the 12 months since purchase. It’s sad to see that so many other people like me feel badly let down by Samsung. I myself have multiple TVs from Samsung as well as a American fridge\ freezer and phones too. This whole saga leaves a very bad taste in the mouth and will certainly influence me, and those I speak to, away from Samsung products and services in the future. Thanks



Morning @AntS, I would also like to be added to the list of disappointed and dissatisfied Samsung customers.

I bought my 65"KS8000 from RGBDirect at the end of June last year with the future promise of the Smart dongle and what I would consider full HLG support.

To say I'm disappointed in an understatement. I have been watching this thread carefully, making notes and waiting to see if Samsung takes any action to support both the product, aswell as the paying customers.

Sadly I will be taking action and moving forward on a refund with RGBDirect if Samsung chooses to ignore the situation.





@antS I’m another dissatisfied customer with 49ks7000. Solely bought due to the smart connects, full HLG compatibility, hdr10+, etc. Very disappointed in the way we’ve been dealt with.

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@BrokenHearted and @bp76: I've added you. Thanks!


@Neil81 and @ne_on: You guys are already on the list.


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