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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs

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I hope Samsung are getting this message and I hope all who go down this road which has now been opened let this forum know how you get on.



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@Sam-Knp wrote:

Update - got a call from my retailer "we have made a decision to replace your TV", we will call in due course to discuss this further." 


I need help from you guys - (1) if they decide to replace/swap my TV for a samsung - what do I do? accept / reject??

(2) if accept then what is the guarantee that the model (2017) wont be made obsolete by samsung in few months?

(3) if they offer me another brand to choose from what is your suggestion? i am a lot iffy of OLEDs as they tend to burn the image - quite a few family/friends had this problem with B7s (LGs) - while watching news channels particularly (very confused on this one) - help!!!

(3) if at all i HAVE to choose from samsung - which model do you guys suggest?

its very stressful all over again - researching for the best TV for the money (£1699) - which should be "future proof"


thanks in advance for your help!

This is really good News. I also bought Ks9500 78 Tv from JL 7 months ago. I will also contact JL for refund or replacement. 


Would be happy to share with use a template of your email you sent to JL. I think it would help most of KS owner who want to get rid of this model. Thanks in advance.


please also report this to CAD (citizen advise direct) immediately
Wow kudos to jl for their response. Next tv i will buy from them!

Regarding your replacement, get the lg oled. They are the benchmark and the screen burn is temporary

Thanks for the replies guys.


Sent my reply off with three attachments - the link provided here that I converted to PDF, this link (which I also converted to PDF - they don't accept links!!!) - (note- "*Free Samsung SmartThings Extend USB adapter available within 2016, additional purchase necessary to connect other appliances to the TV.", and I also sent a screenshot of the offer I took on my phone a few weeks ago in case I needed proof - came in handy! I uploaded this to imgur here -

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When during 2016 did the JL smart things page appear on their website?

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@73henny wrote:

When during 2016 did the JL smart things page appear on their website?

I would have thought it was there when they first started selling this range, which to me is what they would do.

Yes thanks mate
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@CaptnSpaulding wrote:
Yes thanks mate

Are you thinking of going for a refund?

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