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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


I have done the same, also Av forums, Facebook on Currys, Richer Sounds, What Hi Fi, Trusted Reviews, also P i s s ed off web site and if you search on google how to complain about companies you get a few usefull links. 

I'm sure we have some writers ***** who could construct a succinct 140 character tweet that gets point across and references this forum. If no volunteers I may have a go myself. Slipped a disc on 23rd Dec so been stuck in bed for a week wasted on painkillers and muscle relaxants :-)

What about: 


@BBCWatchdog Huge issue brewing as @SamsungHelpUK fail TV owners from <=2016. NO promised full HLG support, Smart Connect or HDR10+. Totally shameful #Samstung


Any URL added to this forum would get automatically shortened. Starter for 10 anyway. Those more articulate than me please adapt. 


@Ewanstancarr... Slipped disc is the worst! Wishing you the best for the new year and a speedy recovery! I've just tweeted samsung electronics,


"@Samsung Please can you tell me why Samsung say they're NOT looking to allow  2014/15/16 TVs BBC UHD iPlayer HLG? Are they unwilling to pay a license  fee? How are they able to abandon customers of 1/2/3 year old TVs?  #HLG #iplayer #js8000 #samsung #watchdoglive #bbc" .


I don't know if I did it correctly, not even sure what the hashtags are supposed to do.

Thanks - let's hope Samsung sees sense next month

Watching the planet 2 on BBC4 and it's in 1080p no Hlg or hdr which i did not expect. I think it's great every one contributing to this forum but I think Samsung do not give a dam, and go for a refund and get a 2017 set (may be not Samsung) using the link below.


I know it's xmas but they still monitor this forum. The shops are at their busiest and the last thing they want is people wanting refunds.


Twitter recently doubled the character count for a tweet to 280, so there’s no excuses people!


H e r e’s mine:


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