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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs




its utterly shocking and a kick in the teeth for customers that have spent good money for a HDR compliant TV. I'm pleased for the 2017 people but basically samsung wanted to hold off until the trial was over so that you couldnt test when they announced it was now working on those sets. 


2017 owners prepare yourselves for a complete lack of support for your shiney new TV's in 3-2-1 ...


Just FYI John Archer tweeted me advising:


"I've asked Samsung to clarify its position on this, and will report back assuming they have anything constructive to say!"


I'll let you guys know when I hear anything else back.


Like I've said several times, I suspect it's a question of licensing. Samsung seem unwilling to pay the BBC to access the UHD on iplayer on sets older than this year's model. As for the HLG, that may or may not be a case of having to pay a fee to another licensing deal, but there is no HLG without UHD in the first place.


From another forum I'm following there's a report that the 2015 js8500 set can play the UHD HLG youtube tests, This is what one user said. "The 2017 Samsung UHD Blu-Ray players (the UBD-M8500 and the UBD-M9500) support the variant of HLG that YouTube uses. I'm in the US, so I have no access to the BBC's iPlayer app and cannot test to see if the BDPs support that particular variant of HLG. But, after testing again late last night, I can confirm that even though the 2015 TVs do not support HLG through their onboard apps, they can display such signals via HDMI."

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Thanks for your reply Phil, just hoping Samsung do the right thing, or explain the real reason why they cannot. I think if VP9 with youtube works then there should be no reason that MPEG will not work from Iplayer. It could not be that difficult because the 2017 sets have suddenly got it (think these forums may have helped)! As you said they may just have to pay the bill! 


Just signing in to add to the dissapointment.
I purchased my TV a year ago, will not be able to afford such an expensive purchase again for a long time. So very dissapointed to hear that this will not be supported.


I have a 55" downstairs and a 43" in my computer room. I'm very disappointed that we are not getting the hlg bbc iplayer. 

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@amokuk wrote:

It can't be politics. They must have updated something.

We always knew (well I did) that new firmware wasn't required. Just up to the BBC to flick a switch on their servers.


It's possible that the BBC wanted concrete confirmation from Samsung that a given model would support the features they needed, and they were both faffing around which exactly whch fw would work before eventually today adding the "fw X and later = OK, send the stream" configuration setting to the BBC's server.


Next, the 2016 and 2015 models please, BBC and Samsung.


To the question "was there a secret firmware upgrade" - no, that's not possible. It checks and won't install a version that is the same number or earlier. So you'd never have a "release 2" version of 1208.2, for example (current 2016 fw) that could be installed by stealth. And no way would everyone get it on the same day.

However note that if you disable firmware updates in your settings by turning "auto update" off, this can still be overridden by Samsung for "important" updates and you'll find your TV upgraded.


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As this is Samsung forums and I have already asked, why can not they update their (and I mean their) 2015 and 2016 TV's please?

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Superuser I

This is welcome and unexpected news, wasn't expecting anything  to be sorted till January if at all, of course the heat on forums and social media may well have played a part!  Haven't had a chance to watch Blue Planet II in UHD HLG yet but have checked it is working and certainly seems very impressive on the MU6400. Still on Firmware 1151 and the Iplayer build is dated 14 December, the demo is also back on there via the settings. Thanks to all those  who done further research, so there is speculation it was more to do with cost pressures than technical issues  with the Dvb-dash format. Of course questions remain about continued support  with further advances. Remains to be seen if there will be a more definitive statement from Samsung now the Iplayer  issue seems to have  been addressed in 2017 models.


Realise this will not be of great comfort to 2015/2016 owners and especially those with premium models , hopefully will receive support in due course due to pressure but this cannot be guaranteed, therefore you may still be seeking redress.  on the question of misleading statements of course Samsung has not really been transparant but personally would not lay direct blame on Moderators of this forum, think they were tied.



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@paul1277 wrote:

As this is Samsung forums and I have already asked, why can not they update their (and I mean their) 2015 and 2016 TV's please?

Oh, they CAN. Technically we have the hardware.

They just need to be persuaded/forced to do it.


The fact that other manufacturers are falling over themselves to be the first to offer 4K HDR viewing experiences to paying customers of existing models, and Samsung are not, is a problem (for Samsung - they apprently don't realise this yet).


I only buy a TV once every decade or so. Speaking just for my small role, what happens over the coming weeks with HLG iPlayer, and what happens with HDR10Plus on Amazon, will inform my next purchase and that of my friends and family who value my technical knowledge and often ask for my help.


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