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iPlayer HLG/UHD HDR on Samsung’s J and K Series TVs


Sorry double post...




It will be interesting to see if you get a reply and what action John Archer (What Hi-Fi) will take. Hopefully he will contact Samsung and place a damping write up in the next issue of What Hi-Fi. 


As of today Blue Planet II UHD is now showing up in iPlayer on my 2017 MU6400.


Result people, it's now appearing on my Samsung. People power eh. 




I can also confirm that on my Q7F I've just checked and iPlayer came up asking me if I wanted to watch in UHD and I've been watching Blue Planet.  The TV switched to HDR mode and it looks breathtaking.


There has been no new firmware update to the TV as far as I can see, and my TV is set to not automatically update. Is this a administration issue between Samsung and the BBC?   Perhaps some invoice had to be paid?





Mine neither. Some politics been going on ***** I think.

Can any KS owners check? A long shot I know!


It can't be politics. They must have updated something.

Black Belt 

I hate to admit but I may be wrong! 

I thought the Iplayer HLG was free and it now seems there may be royalties to pay, a massive 5 pence or cents per TV (the first 100,000 are free). That will obviously bankrupt Samsung and that looks like any one who bought a Samsung 2015, 16, or even 17 UHD will never get broadcast HLG!

Couple of things I don't understand,

How come we get VP9 HLG with Youtube?

Why has Samsung lead us along a right old merry path when we now know why BBC removed them from the list, as it looks like they will not pay these royalties fee's, unlike other lesser manufactures i.e. Philips!

Samsung were bragging about their full support over a year ago, and even a few days ago with ants post. 

As it looks all broadcasters apart from Youtube will be using that format so where does that leave us, your customers?

It was only a couple of days ago one of the moderates on these forums said all 2016 and 2017 Samsung models would support HLG, but the 2016 would not support Iplayer. It looks like from what I have read so far on this forum, the 2016 TV's will not be able to receive any HLG broadcast that's using MPEG (which is everyone apart from youtube VP9)! I think again Samsung have been very economical with the truth, enough to try to stop people returning sets, I don't think! That has fallen apart since it came to light that even their 2017 sets can broadcast, and your argument is even stronger since the BBC took them off the list. It would be interesting to see the full reason behind this.

I just find it so hard that Samsung would lie, miss lead, upset their customers for just 5 cents a telly. Tell you what I will pay that fee myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a pretty good idea about what is going on thanks to the good people in this forum doing the research, and lets not forget some Samsung moderators and co have done their best to miss lead us.

This must one of the busiest forums, but also use their facebook page and AV Forums, because it is being talked about their as well!


BBC site has been updated as well: all 2017 Samsungs back on the list, and the supported devices statement:


Supported Devices

For the full benefit, you will need a HDR TV that supports HLG.  We recommend contacting manufacturers for more details about HLG support.

Blue Planet II in UHD is available on BBC iPlayer on over 200 devices until 16 January 2018. If other devices become compatible, we can make the series available on these devices too.

For Samsung users, please ensure you are using the latest firmware.

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