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alternative cables to one connect ?

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Hi guys, just a very quick question: can the TVs with the. one connect system be connected instead with a conventional power cable? I plan to mount the TV on a wall and I have a power socked just behind the TV, so I wanted to use it instead of the one connect cable (if I could use a conventional cable, no cables would be seen coming out of the TV). 


Many thanks! 



CarlH Moderator

Hi @will12341. The One Connect box houses all of the outputs for the TV on the Q range models for 2018. The ones prior to this use the One Connect box for all other cables but the power cable is directly in the TV itself. So it all depends on which model you have or looking to purchase. Hope this helps. 

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Many thanks Carl. Im looking at the Q9FN, which would have the power cord all in one with the data one. It's a shame as this means that the one cord will always be seen when the TV is mounted on a wall. This alone would make me consider another model. 

CarlH Moderator

No problem @will12341. Let me know if you need anything else! 


Hello Will,


Even if you mounted the TV on the wall and somehow you managed to connect the power with a dedicated power cable directly to the TV (which for the 2018 models is not possible), you would still have to connect the One Connect box to the TV otherwise it will not work at all. Everything is inside that box including all the processing power, the TV tuner and all the inputs (HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi etc).


Meaning that you would still have to "hide" somehow the One Connect box somewhere on the wall as well.. Assuming it will be near the panel, you could "hide" the One Connect cable somewhere in between those two.


Also have in mind that if you wish, you can paint the One Connect cable to have the exact same color as your wall - it becomes virtually invisible.



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