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Zoomed in picture when recording on USB

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Hi there this is my first post, I have a Samsung UE40MU1620 and when I record tv then switch to a HD source PS3/4 the picture is always hugely zoomed in to the top left corner. The only way to sort it is pressing the guide button then switching back to the HD source but even then it's still not guaranteed. I did a chat with Samsung and the guy was baffled, ive enclosed pics so you can see what i mean. Any help is greatly appreciatedthumbnail.jpgPS4 zoomed in to the top leftthumbnail (2).jpgPS3 zoomed in to the top leftthumbnail (1).jpgPS4 again



Trying to do a new automatic search should fix the malfunction.

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Many thanks for replying, how do I do an automatic search?
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