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Youtube not working

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 Hello. I noticed today that the Youtube app stopped working properly. The model is UA43K5300. It starts, shows the videos thumbnails, but when I click any video, the Loading text pops up and the screen goes black. By moving the arrow keys, I noticed, the video didn't load at all as the user interface of the video is still intact with the total time of the video stuck at 0:00. All the other buttons work fine. Sometimes, if I click on the next video in that screen, the video plays. I checked if there is a system update on the TV or not and it said no update. Please, kindly solve the issue.

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Similar problem but only some videos won't load for me. 4k or higher quality videos don't work. I have 65ks8500. Please Samsung fix this.

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Hi all.


Could you please re-check this and let us know?

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