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Youtube issue on Q6FN

AntS Moderator

Hi all.


Can those of you experiencing this issue confirm the following info:


  • Full TV model code;
  • Software version;
  • Country you're located in;
  • If any other apps/features are affected;
  • Any troubleshooting you've already done.


We can pass that to our AV colleagues to investigate and advise us on. 


(@chrisnewton, I can see you've given most of the above info, so just need your TV's software version.)


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Sure i will look tonight when i am home and reply with information


My TV is QE49Q6FNAT (2018 model) it's on latest firmware: 1251.0, I live in Romania. No other apps are affected. The only way to fix it is to reinstall the youtube app ... it works until I turn off the TV.



Same with me, re-installing the app makes it work ok until you turn the TV off, then it does it all over again.


You can also singn out of the you tube app and re-link your account to tv, this also makes it work but sometimes doing it this way it stops working even before you turn off the TV.






My model number you have, i am in the UK 


TV Firmware i is 1251

You tube software is 2.1.486

No other apps are affected and re-installng the app makes it work until you nex turn the TV off.

Also removing the account from the TV then readding account also works, again not for very long


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  • Full TV model code : QE55Q7FNA
  • Software version : T-KTM2DEUC-1251.0, BT-S
  • Country you're located in : Croatia
  • If any other apps/features are affected : Not as i know of, not using many apps
  • Any troubleshooting you've already done : Unlinking and relinking account, reinstalling software, turning TV device on and off,  only relinking account works but just temporarily.





Also i know its a third party forum but the issue is getting more widespread

AntS Moderator

Cheers guys. Me or one of the other Mods will update you with what our AV colleagues advise us


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@AntS Thanks for you're help!

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I have a QN55Q8FNBXZA television.

Firmware is T-KTM2AKUC-1251.0, BT-S

I bought the TV in the USA, which is where I reside.


I first noticed the YouTube app ceasing to function on May 17, 2019.


All other apps work.


YouTube works in the Tizen browser when I go online with the television.


YouTube does NOT work when using the YouTube app AND Tizen.


Whilst texting with Customer Support, I have unplugged and replugged the TV, I have reset the Smart Hub, I have reset my network and I have removed my account from the tv, then signed back in.


All of these only fixed the problem for 8-12 hours.


Thank you!

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