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Youtube Cast on iOS Device (iPAD, iPhone6s/7) can't find the Samsung TV.

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Hello All,


My newly purchased Samsung 7 Series UE55NU7409UXZG is offtenly showing some issues. Most of the time when I turn ON my TV with remote, the youtube cast option on my iPhone and iPAD can't find the TV. Below are some usecases and responses which I tried...

1> Check TV is connected to Internet.. (Yes, TV is connected to Internet. I can open youtube directly in TV and play any video. But Youtube-Cast on my phone still can't find the TV).


2> Disconnect the Internet and connect it back in TV. ( youtube-cast on my phone still don't show the TV)


3> Turn-OFF the TV from MAIN-Power Supply and Turn-Back-ON. (youtube-cast on all devices shows my TV)


4> Restart my Phone and youtube on my phone... Youtube-Cast on my phone still can't find the TV


5> Leave the TV up-&-running, Randomly on some time of the day TV start appearing on my youtube-cast on phone. This happens at any time, no fixed case...


Any suggestions how to deal with this.... On anyone who baught a Samsung TV which released in 2018 getting same issue... 





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