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What WiFi router do you have?

  • check with your phone using wifi analyzer if there is not a big interference from neighbors. If there is then try to change to most free WiFi channel, you could also try to use 13 channel which moslty is free but keep in mind that not all devices can connect to it.
  • disable 40Mhz mode(300 Mbit) as in 40Mhz mode router is switching back/forth from 20/40Mhz if there is interference which causes drop for a moment.
  • disable auto-channel and change to fixed WiFi channel. Auto channel switching causes drops in link quality
  • disable router Eco mode and set signal to high
  • Try to place router in different place as there could be reflection from objects which causes interference
  • make a DIY directional antenna for WiFi router using foil.
  • Use your router's 5GHz network if TV supports 5Ghz

Still I would recommend Ethernet cable if possible as WiFi is really not suitable for high bitrate video streaming it introduces lag (data is encrypted/decrypted by WiFi password), speed level is varying a lot (54 Mbps/48 Mbps/36 Mbps/24 Mbps etc) , additional unnecessary layer on top of ethernet. Too much issues which can be easily solved by switching to ethernet cable.

Thanks, but as I said, the Ethernet cable is not reliable either, mainly because its connected to a my wifi booster, its not possible to connect to the hub because it is in a different part of the house.

Well I have had a reply from Samsung I can post it if required...

But I have a temporary fix... I have also sent this to Samsung and awaiting their reply but this is what I have done...

I have used a TP-Link wifi range extender (model no TL-WA850RE) this has a low output of only 300 Mbps and plugged in via an Ethernet cable to the TV so far in the test that I have made it seem to be working with 4K videos from YouTube playing in 4K with no buffering.

I have asked Samsung to comment on this as surely a smart TV costing £799 should not need a wifi extender to make it work when all other wireless items in the house are all fine much much further away from my router (my iPhone 6S plus will play YouTube videos in the garden at the rear of my house more than a 100 feet away through many walls).

Maybe more to come on this?


I doubt that Iphone 6S streams 4K video. Neverless it is not the booster model that I needed but main Wifi Hub. Is it also set to 300Mbps? I would recommend to disable 40Mhz channel as 300Mbs is very unrealiable and actually not needed as you dont'have 300Mbs Internet from ISP anyway.


Alternatively if you don't have option to install Ethernet cable you could try to use Powerline network -  PLC adapters. It is ethernet over existing powerlines in house and it will have faster and more reliable speeds.


I'm in agreement with Oto here. If you want to make the most of streaming 4k content, you really want to have the most stable connection available you, the trusty cable -mapping over 8 million pixels is a lot of data. PLC adaptors are also great ways to get signal in the really awkward spots in your house.


This was just an informative post. I've gotten powerlines that give me the 100MB+ speed I wanted. But you need only to be receiving 25MB at to get 4K YouTube. Before the powerlines I was getting less than 1MB and so was barely able to stream 1080p.

Does PLC can well handle interference from other electrical appliances like hair dryers, drill, etc.?
Depends, it is not recommended that you plug them into an extension cord or adapter. its preferable to be straight into the wall socket. That being said I did the initial set up and test on an extension cord and it worked fine. Equally, I have the power line in a plug next to an extension cord that's connected to all sorts of gadgets and electricals and its working fine.
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@Safariman wrote:

Well I have had a reply from Samsung I can post it if required...


Hi Safariman - Can you post their reply?


i have the same issue of not being able to stream 4K off you tube.

my TV is connected via Ethernet and my internet download speed is 95mbps.

i can only get 1080p on you tube even on verified 4K videos.

my model number is HU9000WXXY


Can you check speed in or in Netflix app?


P.S. seems to have issues with reliable measurements for Tizen browsers.

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