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Wireless Speaker Manager

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Hello Folks . I was wondering if anyone can help me here

I have a Samsung Series 6 55UK61000 tv .It's threee months old 7 I have just bought a  Samsung HWJ6000R curved soundbar . I have tried ,and in doing so, discovered that the Wireless Speaker Manager option on my t v is 'grayed 'out .When I tried to find the t v set with the sound bar for a wireless connection it fails to sync. I think ,due to the failure of access to the  Wireless Speaker Manager on the tv menu , that there is a problem with the t v . I wouls appreciate any assistance out there


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Hey @Jassa,


Have you managed to get this working? 


Can you provide the full model code and software version of your TV? Go to: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung.

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Hi,did you find out what the problem was. I just purchased a Samsung 55' 4K smart uhd led tv today and mine is doing the same thing. It's a $600 tv and it won't allow me to connect Bluetooth! This is CRAZY! Guess this is the second tv I will be taking back bc it won't Bluetooth! Model number is UN55KU6290. Thanks for your help!


Simple question.


Do you have a wireless router ?



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I'm having the exact same problem. I got my tv last Christmas and I've finally decided to take the time and try to figure out why I can't connect it to my bluetooth speaker. I just spent 39 minutes on the phone with customer service and although he tried very hard, he was absolutely no help. This should not be this hard..... Please help!


Don't use Bluetooth.


Use wifi.

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Hi, did you ever find a fix for this ? My wireless manager on tv is greyed out too .
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Yes. If it’s greyed out you don’t have the Bluetooth capability. I went to Best Buy and purchased a actual Bluetooth tv. Their staff actually knows what they are talking bout unlike Walmart and other places. 

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i have a 7 series and my wifi speaker setup is greyed out


Is there any possibility to connect a headphone bluetooth or wireless?

I do have a UE49KU6100 series 6 with software version 1233.


Thank you.

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