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Wifi breakdown with Samsung UE55MU6179U

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I have a problem with my tv UE55MU6179U. When it is connected over wifi, after a few minutes of streaming netflix, the whole wifi network breaks down. Every device is connected but has no access to the router. I even cannot reach the router over the ip adress. 

With connection over LAN are no problems at all.


Can anybody help me with this problem? It's really hard to describe this topic to the customer service ^^


Thank you very much!!

SaudA Moderator
Hi @M3th0s123,

Are you still having issues? If so, can you check the following:

• Check the distance between the TV and the Modem/Router. The distance should not exceed 15.2 m.
• Reduce interference by not using or turning off wireless devices. Also, verify that there are no obstacles
between the TV and the Modem/Router. (The Wi-Fi strength can be decreased by appliances, cordless phones,
stone walls/fireplaces, etc.)

Also, if this is happening with all devices connected to this Wi-Fi, then it is likely to be a network specific issue. Have you tried resetting the router? I will also recommend that you speak to your Wi-Fi provider for further help on this.
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