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Which USB Hard Drive for a UE75MU7005TXXC smart Tv ?

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Hi people,


I'm planning to buy a hard disk for my samsung tv (ue75mu7005TXXC).
To be honest, i would like to know how big it should be to work well.
At the same, it doesn't seem clear if i should really choose a hard disk with a external supply.

Is it a good idea to use an external SSD hard disk ?

It should be a nice option in order to allow the TV to have a fast access to it for reading and writing.


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Any usb drive should work as long as the scheduled recording works which there is known fault on the ks and q series telllys.
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I just salvaged 4 units x 320gb 2.5" SATA II and III from several old laptops and fixed them in SATA Enclosures. Out of 4, 1 of them can play without problem when connected to my UA324500AK Samsung LED TV. The other 3 not detected. 

I figured out those 3 HDDs has only 1 single partition. After I repartition them I can used all the 3 HDDs for my TV.

You can try this out.
1. Repartition with 2 partitions 1st partition with 95% of HDD capacity and format it with NTFS.  2nd HDD will be 5% which is the remaining unallocated partition  Do Not format it, leave it unallocated.
2. Copy your files to the 1st partition.
3. Now, try plug it to your TV.

This method worked out well for me. You may try this with 1TB HDD onwards too. Please let me know the result.


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