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When are we going to get SmartThings Tizen app for our TVs?


2 months and still no answer.


Smartthings Extend is NOT, repeat IS NOT in beta any more. So is it coming out as promised or not?


And still nothing,

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Did you ever get a refund on your tv


@Scotney wrote:

Did you ever get a refund on your tv

I have teh option to return it. Still thinking about it.




I would return the TV, you aren't getting iPlayer 4K UHD either on 2016 models, essentially Samsung have stopped supporting them, they are now considered obsolete, which is why you aren't seeing this supported either.


The chances of all that working as advertised was going to be slim anyway I should think from Samsung.  It wouldn't be time a saver, it would just see you spending hours resetting the TV, on your knees behind the TV unplugging and plugging back in tongles, waiting for firmware updates to arrive that never do, and one way conversations with their support.







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@Tezz wrote:

@AntS Thank you.


So the USA has the app but us poor people in the EU can't! yes the smartthings app is on

samsungs own TV app store site in the USA.


So what about smartthing extend? when are we going to get that?

I bought this TV for this reason(smartthings extend)


This was(still is) on show on J Lewis site


"Create the perfect entertainment experience by turning your TV into the brain of your smart home with Samsung SmartThings Extend"


It's also on on all the retailers sites that sell the TV.(I have saved the webpages off just in case)

If we are not going to get it then this is a miss sold product and I want a full refund.

I have talked to CAB(citizens advice bureau) and my local MP and MEP and they back up what I say.


If any other Samsung KS tv users are looking in, maybe you would like a full refund?


I hope this doen't take another two weeks.

Thank you.

I don't know if you have seen the KS owners refund thread and

is all about Samsung and retailers mis selling and how to get a refund


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I don't know if you have seen this email from Samsung UK Head Office


Good afternoon Mr *****, I am contacting in response to your communication received to the CEO of Samsung UK. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment following your communication with our customer support team.

With regard to the Smart Things dongle, the decision was made for this to not be released, and I recognise that this has caused disappointment for which I offer my apologies. What I can do is provide a SmartThings Hub to you without charge as a gesture of goodwill. Please let me know if you would like to receive this and I can make the arrangements for you.

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns.




Description: cid:image007.jpg@01D29292.88FD7C40

Samsung Electronics UK
Samsung House
1000 Hillswood Drive
Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PS


That is confirmation that there will be no Smart USB Dongle for any of the KS TV's. If you saw on you retailers web site a reference to the dongle and it influenced your decision to by then you could claim a refund for misrepresentation under the Oct 2015 Consumer Regs. Look on this thread for more details,



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According to this article ,  Samsung  decided not to release The Smart Things Dongle in Europe due to security issues. https://ww

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