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Weird White Circles On My 4K Samsung TV

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I have a 50 inch Samsung 4K TV (UE50KU6000KXXU) that I bought back in 2016 and I loved this TV. Fast forward to around a month ago and these weird UFO style circles started appearing in the background. I have tried to take photos, but it does not show up that well on camera.


I started freaking out as once you notice them you are drawn to them and it spoils any movie you are watching. It started with one of the left side, then two and now I have four on the left and two in the middle at the top. I looked around and it seems a major problem with this kind of TV. 


I got in touch with Samsung and they could not have been any less helpful. “It is out of its manufacturer's warranty” was all they told me. Which I feel is disgusting as this is a manufacturing fault, so shouldn’t they be required to replace every one if the problem is the build/design of the TV? A TV should certainly last more than a couple of years! I flat out refuse to give them a penny to fix this problem I would rather spend the extra and just get a different branded TV. I have a Samsung phone, tablet and so does my wife. But due to their very poor customer service, I will never buy another one of their products again.


I know on these Samsung forums some guy said that he found a video showing how to fix this issue, but I cannot find it or even find out if this is a fix that your average joe can do.


If anyone has any advice on how I can fix this problem that would be great.




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