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Wall mounting options

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Hi guys me back again with a question that is probably fairly standard but if I get it wrong, it's going to cause me issues!


I've previously had my TV wall mounted, it took me days of drilling, I destroyed a few drill bits and it was generally difficult, however I understand the benefits of having it wall mounted.


I took it off the wall and have it on a stand with glass shelves, unfortunately my wife is not a fan of this choice and I now need to think of other options for the TV.


If I go back to wall mounting then I'm hoping I can get the TV on an arm style mount, so it can be pulled away from the wall and rotated.


If this is possible I would then like to wall mount a PS4 pro and a Nintendo switch behind the TV, which this type of stand should allow


The TV is the UE40KU6020K, I previously mounted it with Xenta Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount 32" - 65" TVs which I got from ebuyer in 2010, I'm surprised it even worked with the TV as I hadn't checked prior to attempting install.


The TV is alleged to support VESA and Mini VESA but not ultra slim or slim mounts, I'm wondering how true this is today


Mount I'm considering trying


I assume this would work fine, but other options on the page may not? 



Screenshot_20190818-223459.jpgI assume slim mount would not work or support my TV for example

Thanks any help you can provide, I'll buy hammer action drill before I get a new mount as I don't want to struggle like last time.

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