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Vertical Displays

Superuser I
Superuser I

Some of you may have noticed that Samsung have unveiled a Vertical Tv ,primarily aimed at millennials, ideally for wstching Instagram. Snapchat and Smart phone Videos.    It is a 43 inch Smart Tv called the Sero which can be flipped 90° for this display,  Initially only  available in  South korea at present time for equivalent of $1600,1423 or   £1223 (approx).   Noticed that one national "newspaper" (The Sun) reported it  as being around £12000 but they are a bit out!


Though would there be  a genuine market for this or  a niche or even gimicky product.     No doubt some would be enticed but smart Phones likely have more appeal for some of the features.


Microsoft have the Surface Hub 2  a 50.5  inch  screen  which can also be flipped with Touhscreen and benefits for collaberative working rather than being aimed at entertainment.



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