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Upgrade to DVB-T2


Hi, I've been lurking around for a while and I'm just curious, if there would be a chance to upgrade my old UE50F5500 to have DVB-T2 enabled by replacing the main board. I would like to know if there is board from another samsung smart TV, which can fit on the t-con and other peripherals (IR/power on button). Is there anyone capable to provide me an answer? I don't wanna hear "go and buy a set-top box". Thank you

AndrewL Moderator
@PetrSmetana: This wouldn't be possible on an official capacity, as our engineers would only be able to replace hardware that is specific to your TV model.
I want to do that on my own risk. Via buying some spare parts on ebay. The only thing I'm solving now is the correct interfacing - and I presume, there must be a way through this due to standardization. So my question is what kind of board is going to be suitable for my purposes.
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