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Universal Guide in Smartthings Network Error

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I recently purchased a Samsung Q8 Series (55) TV.  I've downloaded the Smartthings app on both a Pixel III and a Galaxy S2 Tablet. I've logged into the same Samsung account on the TV, the phone and the tablet. I can succesfully control the TV using the Smartthings app on both the phone and the tablet. 


However, the Universal Guide screen for the TV in the Smartthings app shows the following error "A network or servor error has occured. Please try again later."


Does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix it?


Screenshot_20190409-193410.pngScreenshot of opening screen on tablet where TV shows up twice and the error message is indicated.


Screenshot_20190409-205657.pngThe Universal Guide area of the TV within the Smarthings app on the phone.

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