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Un32es6500f won't re-connect to my bluetooth keyboard\mouse keyboard

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It connected(paired) just fine and I selected the "Windows" mode and it won't work again.  The device manager doesn't have means to delete devices, so I can try to re-pair it again.  I bought this TV last year and just love it!


Here is the KB I have.  It sells under many names.


I have a few other Qs to ask, but I'll ask them later.  


Thanks guys!

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @AceClarkATX.


You could try a reset on your TV which will take all your settings back to the default settings. To do this go to Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset.


Let us know how you get on.

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What does " let us know how you get on" mram?

Yeah I've already thought about that. But I shouldn't have to. I was so looking forward to talking to an engineer here as should be expected.  I got it worked out. The tv can use a STD wireless or BT mouse and  keyboard. I've been in the computer world over 30 years. The people who expect tech support are doomed. These *****s overseas can't *****ing understand nor have a regular thought process. 


You ask these dummies something and they repeat what they just said. 

AntS Moderator

Hi @AceClarkATX . The Community isn't a place to speak directly to Samsung engineers. It's a place for Samsung users of all levels of expertise to share their experiences, advice and ideas with each other - and us of course.


We'd like you guys to do so in a friendly, respectful  and helpful manner too.


Our local Support teams are available if you do want more in-depth expert or immediate assistance on a specific query.


Plus, my Mod powers (and your model TV model number) show that you're from the US, and you're asking for advice on a UK & European forum (as the site URL indicates).


Edit: If you're wondering, the US do have their Community too:


 Say "Hello!" to the Community in The Introduce Yourself Thread.

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