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Uk - ks8000 power cycling issue!

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So after 2 years of ownership, I’m now experiencing power cycling. I’ve spent a fortune with Samsung over the years but this TV has killed me. When it is working it is great, but since I’ve had it I have had to get the whole panel replaced as there was shadows on the screen and now the dreaded power cycling (as I just found out it is called).


I’m really down about this as I cannot afford to get another 4K tv. Is there anyway to repair this TV (again) or are Samsung doing anything to stand by their top of the range TV? I have Samsung TVs, mobile phones, microwaves etc. but feel like leaving this brand behind and sticking with something like Sony for TVs going forward.


Please can someone help??

Superuser I
Superuser I
Please note, I'm not a UK legal expert. But in the Netherlands there is a law that states that there is besides the by the factory offered "Warranty" also a warranty by law where stores are responsible for. Considering that multiple EU countries have similar laws I expect that the UK has it as well.

If that is the case the best thing you can do is to contact the store where you bought the product and claim your law-based warranty. At the very least this can give you some kind of compensation

This two year factory warranty is actually an extra service from the factories that they are not required to offer (Vendors however are required to do this). I checked the Sony website and apparently they offer 2 year factory warranty as well so you can expect the same thing directly from the factory itself.

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