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USB 3.0 flash drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting ISSUE


USB was initially in NTFS format (tv can read the USB but no contents found).

Had to reformat to exFAT so the TV can read the contents.

Now all seems to be working fine except the USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.
Pop-up notification always comes up saying (USB disconnected and a while later found USB - browse or cancel)


No issues if I'm playing a movie file from the USB. but when I pause the movie, after a while the USB disconnects and reconnects again. No issues of USB disconnecting or reconnecting in Laptop or PC.


Updated to latest firmware but issue still exists.


TV model: UE55NU8005 samsung UHDTV 8 series

Firware: 1251


Have yet to try:

1. Hard power reset for the TV. (remove from plug)

2. Reseting Smart HUB

3. Trying other USB flash drive


Please do share if you encounter the same issue and found a solution. Will update post regarding the 3 items above.


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @roasted 


There is another firmware update available for your TV from the Samsung website here. This can be downloaded to a PC/laptop and then moved to a USB for transfer to the TV. This version is 1260.8.


Hope this helps.


Noted with thanks. Will try that new firmware and update this post.


Btw. Power and smart hub reset does not work.

Have tries usb 2.0 and it works fine. Have yet to try another usb 3.0. Hopefully its just a firmware update

ChrisM Moderator

No problem, @roasted. Let us know how you get on.


Hi chrism,


Firmware is updated to 1260. But im still experiencing the disconnection and reconnecting of the usb 3.0


Let me know if you have other suggestions

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