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UNKS8000 and Sonos Playbar Lip Sync

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I have a Sonos Playbar (5.1 setup) connected to my UNKS8000 via optical cable.  The audio is delayed when I watch cable TV, use my Samsung Blu-Ray player, and use my Sony PS4.  The only way I can resolve the delay is by using PCM instead of Bitstream, but the sound is then stereo instead of 5.1.  Any suggestions to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

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Did you find a fix?  I have the same problem with a Q90R. 

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you need something that splits the audio so the tv isn't decoding it. I use a box that i plug the optical in and all the hdmi connections. this then runs to the tv through hdmi. cuts out any lag.


or something similar


Please could you advise what equipment you are using for this and if it is processing Dolby 5.1 and 4K?  



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something pretty much like that, i got it off amazon though i think mine was huierav or something. Yes it runs 4k/hdr and 5.1 from my sonos fine. use it with xbox/shield tv/ps4. 


Tbh i went through a couple before i found one that worked well, they are a bit hit and miss unless you pay a lot. I think they are mostly some kind of generic chinese made equipment, im sure you can research it more


Thanks.  I assume you're having to use the remote on that device to switch the source though?  And what do you do when using the built in apps on the TV?

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Yep you use a remote.  Or manually from box. Im afraid the tv itself has no sound unless you get an optical switcher too. It's all pretty crazed tbh. I've had no success with arc but i would have thought that should carry the audio to tv. I'm not sure im no expert

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