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UN49NU8000 Broadcasting Function Isn't Available

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I cannot set up an HD antennae to my TV.  With or without the coax cable the broadcasting option is not available. I do not have an option for live TV either. No antennae has previously been set up  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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My tv isn’t allowing me to click anything useful. All it’s saying is “this function isn’t available”. I can’t connect to the WiFi or scan channels for cable. Most of my options are blanked out in the menu. Please help somebody. 

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Hi there yesterday it happened on my ue75nu8000... dtv(live tv ) app scare dissapeared and in settings the broadcast button grayed out also the start reset button. Unplugged the tv for a minute restarted it dtv was partly working(on off with glitches ) the start reset buttton was functioning so I reset everything. It worked last night and it is working this morning. This is all I have to say about my experience. Quite strange this event Ive never had something like this happen , hope it was of some help and it doesnt represent itself.

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Mine says the same. Help please. 

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