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UHD not activating UE55HU8580QXZG

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Thanks Carl

Hmmm it might have been 1260.8. I'll have a look tonight. this is a real nightmare I have to say and it seems like quite a common problem too looking through the various forums.

I'll try again tonight and thanks for the link.
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Good Morning Carl

I have checked and my software is up to date. I have done a couple of soft resets since we last spoke and each time it creates a short fix but not for long.
I have spoken with Samsung and they have suggested that there is nothing wrong with the TV allegedly but there is still a connection issue even if there isn't a fault.

Do you have any suggestions? any help you can offer is gratefully received?
CarlH Moderator

Did they offer a Remote Management session, @marcj6551?

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I requested it but for some reason they were reluctant to excersize it.  I got the impression that the individual I was conversing with was inexperienced and unable to perform the session.


she was insistant that it was not the TV at fault.


I am screwed unless you can help?

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