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UHD TV 6 series tuner

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I have two TV's connected to the same outdoor antenna (with a splitter) for OTA channels only. One TV is my new Samsung UHD TV 6 series 55" purchased from Walmart, the other is a older Vizeo digital ready TV. If I do a fresh auto channel scan every morning both TV's get the same OTA channels (from SW Phoenix), however as the day wears on towards evening the Vizeo still has those same channels, but the Samsung starts to lose them as in 'No Signal' on-screen error's, why is this happening? The only thing I can assume is that the Samsung has a much poorer quality built-in tuner than the Vizeo, is this even possible? Are walmart specific TV's built to a lower component quality specification?


Hi @mp333

Can you please get the full model number of the TV? It should be on the back. Please could you confirm the current firmware version your TV is running? You can find the information in Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. 

Also, can you just clarify where are you based?

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