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UE55MU9000 - Unable to turn off screen when playing music

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To late now but at least you can check the next time you buy a TV, I'm the same with the hub and recording staying on for 20 seconds what's with that. I'll probably never but another Samsung TV, so dissapointed with the lack of consumer choice in the settings, my 2015 Samsung tv was far better.
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Same dissapointment here, looks like samsung added useless Ambient display but no way to DIM off screen. - and long pressing Ambient display button might easily turn off screen.


Will not recommend or buy Samsung TV anymore. (Until Samsung cannot implement such mini feature)


I am also developer, and there is even no programatic way how to turn off screen OFF so apps would be able to do so - like Spotify.

Agreed. Ambient mode is a total waste of electricity yet some nerd thought this better than an energy saving function that has been on other sets for years.
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I bought the FN8 2018. Same problem. Note: the audio player (playing mp3 by dnla ) has the icon to turn off the video. The ideal is integrate this option on ambient mode !

I'm am very disappointed and confused too. I've bought QE49Q6FN and there is no "PICTURE OFF" in menu 

WHY??? I want to listen to TV broadcast when going to sleep but now I cannot fall to sleep because of shining QLED panel!

UE75NU7172 user here, also very very disappointed. Since I had an LG before, although not easily accessible, it was an option in the menu to turn screen off which was a great feature when going to sleep and listening to music.
I was actually choosing between Samsung and LG when buying this TV. Had I known before, my choice would surely have been the LG, I guess I will know better next time. I think it is ridiculous that this feature is not available and Samsung doesn't bother to add this feature with firmware update. The demand for it is there and it is such a simple feature to add.
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This is my last Samsung TV. 

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Found a solution!! At least for those using Apple TV...

A Samsung is NOT listening to customers needs, I figured out a solution that is giving me, finally, a total black  (like an off screen) when listening to music over my Apple TV 4K. What I did is pretty simple: selected Pictures as the screen saver (instead of Aereo or other fancy options). Created a pictures folder with only one picture, which happens to be a total back image. The screen saver displays only that image and voila! I finally have the screen off, or almost off, which only illuminates for a couple of seconds to display song/artist name each time a new song starts, which is fine with me. Hope others find this tip useful. 


I eventually used a similar solution. I configured my satellite box to switch on every morning to a local radio station solving my alarm function. Being a linux based satellite box I was able to edit the radio background image so it only displayed a black screen. If Samsung ever bothered to listen to their customers, I shouldn't have to do all this. Of course, Samsung have already gotten their large price from me so no longer give a darn. Unless Samsung rectify this, they will never get any more purchases from me. It should also be remembered that "word of mouth" is a powerful form of advertising.

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Is that box radio mode black screen stops electric consumption?

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