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UE55MU7000 (MU8000 in US) posterisation bug in Movie mode


I got fed up with going throught the menues to turn on and off motion smoothing all the time (can't stand it in movies, but need it for low framrate sports app).

So I decided to try to use the Picture Modes for faster swithing. What a can of worms that opened up!


Problem 1 and worst: Movie Picture Mode is broken. Using any kind of menu, or just skipping forward in a recording, seems to trigger the bug which causes posterisation in all dark-ish image areas. Extremely visible in human faces. Once the bug has been triggered, engaging the menu or control bar fixes the isseu, but as soon as the screen is clear of menus etc, the problem comes back!

Now, I wanted to use LED Clear Motion, and that only works correctly in Movie mode. So this is a bit of a problem.


Problem 2: The various Picture Modes force strange combinations of options, so can't be used to create a set of usable modes. For example: LED Clear Motion is unavailable in one mode, and forces Judder Reduction to 10 in two modes, keaving only Movie mode to be used as intended. This is crazy! Other options are alos forced for no apparent reason. Very stupid of Samsung. This means I cannot work around the bug in the Movie Mode.


Here are some photos:



I have replicated the posterisation bug watching SD (recorded Freesat film), and today from a NowTV (App) HD film.


 The bug seems to be more visible if backlight modulation (HDR) is set to High. I use Medium now. Still see the issue occasionally however. The High mode seems to do strange stuff with the gamma curve towards the dark end.


To explain the behaviour with bringing up menus "fixing" the posterisation issue, is it perhaps the case that agressive HDR is turned off when the menus are brought up on screen?

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