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UE55MU6400U lost WiFi / no longer connecting

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We set up our UE55MU6400U model TV yesterday. During the initial set up the WiFi connected with no issue.


We turned the TV on this morning (on standby overnight) to find the wireless had dropped.


The TV now can no longer find any WiFi networks.


All other devices in the house can pick up the network, so no issues from that side.


We are unable to wire the connection as the router is too far away.


Suggestions please? 


Thanks, Phil

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I know this sounds r like the good old computer support cop out but it really did work for me. I had a similar problem in that every now and then Netflix would not connect. When i checked the TV network it showed the internet connection was there, but i noticed that my Prime connection was also giving the same no network message. Anyway to fix it the tv needed to be unplugged from the mains completely for about 3 minutes. Also i reset the router at the same time. This cleared the issue for me.

But i do have to do it again every few weeks or so, not sure why but at least it works each time.


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Hi Phil


Did you figure this issue out in the end? I have the same TV and same issue.



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Hi there 


Unfortunately not! Just the unplug and try again suggestion



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Thanks Phil, unfortunately I have to say you are correct and that worked. Not the easiest fix for me as the socket is behind the wall mounted screen.


Very frustrating, again just highlights this product is not built to last sadly.

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