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UE55KU6000KXXU (ku6000) Blinking/Flickering on 20 backlight

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I have a 55" KU6000. If i have the backlight at between 17 and 20, after 10-20 minutes the screen start blinking (black) every now and again.  If i leave it, it eventually gets more and more frequent untill the TV eventually restarts.


The TV has done this for about 9 months. Ive only just got round to doing something about it as theres more HDR content now where a 20 backlight is ideal. This happens on every input/app. Every firmware since the issue started. HDR or SDR


I've tried reinstalling/reseting multiple times through the standard menu and service menu. Leaving the TV unplugged for 30+ minutes on multiple occasions etc. I was hoping this was software related and a firmware update would have sorted this issue. but everytime one is released, I have tested but not had any luck.


For the last few months I've had the backlight at 16 and never blinks. As soon as I go above that, blinking.


Any help would be appriciated.




Backlight blinking issues usually happen when PWM frequency of backlight signal does not sync with video data. It may only happen when backlight level is reduced.


In your case, problem happens when backlight is at full swing. It seems it is an hardware issue, might be due to heating on LED bars, or LED converter circuit.

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Thanks for the reply.


Just so Im clear. The whole screen goes black. Nothing on it at all for half a second, then comes back. And keeps doing this untill the TV eventually restarts.


Just an update - I was watch TV for around 2 hours last night with the backlight on 16 and the TV did blink twice towards to end of the 2 hours.


What would you suggest i do?






One more question. Does this problem usally happen for HDMI inputs? Since you see blinking problem at various backlight levels,  the reason may not be the backlight, but something else. It reminds me an HDCP issue that I faced before...


If this issue also happens for other inputs (like DVB, Scart etc), then I am sorry that you need to call Samsung service..









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No its not the HDCP issue. It happens on plex,nexflix,amazon, any HDMI, Live TV, litterally everything.


It seems that the higher the backlight the quicker the issue kicks in. If i had the backlight on 10 it would never do it. On 20 it would start blinking after 30 minutes and blink every minute or so. untill eventually, the TV reboots its self.


Looks like ill have to give them a call.


Thanks for your help

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Did you ever resolve this, my TV has started doing the same thing

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Yes I did. It was the power supply/board. I got one from ebay for around £20. very simple to install yourself and it hasn't done it since. 

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