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UE55KU6000KXXU Youtube app screen overlay

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l've had the UE55KU6000KXXU for a few months now, and the Youtube app constantly fails.


You can fix it, by resetting the Smart Hub, but that's annoying putting all your apps back, not so bad if it's once or twice a year, but this would be every week, maybe a few times a week.


The problem being:


When you open the Youtube app, either on the home page or as you search, the app overlays all the page content on top of itself, making it impossible to read or use.


If l reset the Smart Hub it will work for a while, but then the above problem happens again.


It doesn't matter if l'm logged into Youtube or not.


l have three Samsung TVs in here, this being the newest and it's the only one having this issue.


l always make sure the software is up to date hoping there will finally be a fix.


The picture below shows the fault.

































KellyM Moderator

That seems rather odd, @CRAIG7327.


Can you provide the current software version of your TV? Go to: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung. Can you also provide details of the app version?


Is it only the YouTube app that you experience this overlay with?



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Hi KellyM,


Thanks for getting back to me.


Yes, it is just the Youtube app l'm seeing the overlay problem on, and only on this particular Samsung TV.


The TV's software version is currently 1169. 


The Youtube app version is - 5469b72e





TracyR Moderator

Is your Software Version 1169.2 or just 1169?


Is the YouTube app all up to date?




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