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UE55KS7000 bluetooth volume control

TRY THIS. I have a SAMSUNG 4K MODEL UN65NU8000 TV. To control the volume on your AIRPODS do the following:
1) Settings/Expert
2) General Expert Settings
3) Accessibility
4) Multi-Output Audio: Set to OFF
Now your volume will be controlled by the remote Control for your EarPods. 

That doesn't work on KS7000

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I’m unable to Contol a Bluetooth connected speaker’s volume (bose SoundLink Mini II) using the Samsung one connect OEM remote. Please help! How can I get the OEM remote to control this devices’ volume?




Unfortunately the only way is to switch to another TV brand. Our multi-thousands euro Samsung TVs aren't capable of such a simple thing, shame...


8 months later and you still can't control bluetooth volume. What a joke Samsung. I don't want your stupid sound bar.

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Never buy a Samsung TV again. Easiest way to fix the problem. My AirPods volume is too low. Highly disappointed with the lack of Xfinity App and the Amazon Video crashing. I’m purchasing AppleTV and spending an extra $200 so I can control my Bluetooth volume. All of my future TVs will NOT be Samsung. Poor quality and not compatible with modern living. I have high speed internet and Samsung is just not a good TV.

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Same Problem, this is the very first time i cannot control volume on my bluetooth speakers its bad enough i cant connect directly with a 3.5mm jack like every other tv had, Now i cant even manage volume with bluetooth, what a joke!

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Volume control from tv to connected Bose Bluetooth speaker 

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