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UE55HU8200 & Sky Q HDCP 2.2.2

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I have a Samsung 55" UHD Curve UE55HU8200. I have a home cinema connected and everything worked perfect. I had Sky Q installed and for some obscure reason its suggests my TV doesnt support 10bit UHD.


Is this factually correct? There seems to be some massive debate and samsung seem to blame sky and sky blame manufacturers where the consumer is being impacted can someone just clear this matter up. 

I have ran direct from sky q box to tv. i have tried HDMI 1-4 and same issue. i have turned UHD on and off but to no avail. has this been raised or on the agenda to be fixed or is there some form of update. Alternatively does my TV not support it?

Any help or support would be awesome. Thanks


I had the same problem and sky engineer used port 3. This port supports uhd

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