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UE50RU7455 (2019) does not have SteamLink. And UE40MU6105 (2018) has it.

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Just want to know, where the SteamLink app on the recent and expensive model from 2019 is?

There must be an explanation, a very good one, to my unubility to find the app on the TV.

Older models, others prices have it.

So, in the case that Samsung has retrived from Tizen the app, my question is, why?

Are the South Korean manufacture inhaling the missile test smoke from North Korea?

Are they becoming orange Dumbs??


Unless a factual and consice answer from Samsung why is modifying (for the worst) the apps on its Tizen OS, i will state everywhere possible, that people shouldnt by the latest models from them.


Thanks in advance, 

Yours dispapointed costumer.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Felinisss. It's the app developers that create and maintain the apps hosted on our TV's. It may not be available just yet but I recommend contacting Valve directly to see what they're planning. 

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Thanks for your quickly reply.

One suggestion, read it before reply.


The Valve says: "...

  • The Samsung TV Steam Link App is only available on 2016 and newer Samsung Smart TVs. In addition to the standard 1080p, the application supports full 4K streaming starting with 2017 TV models.

If you do not see the app in the Samsung Smart Hub it is likely that you have an older TV model, or you might be located in one of the countries where the app hasn't been released.

... "


None of the abose is the case in question.


So am i missing something here!?

Before some one brings the updated firmware, its updated to the latest version - 1312.2 (2019-08-09).


To clarify again,

Model UE50RU7455UXXC (2019), doesnt have the SteamLink.

Model UE40MU6105 (2018) have the SteamLink.


Thanks again for the pacience!

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When im wrong i will always admitt it.


So, after a few more readings i encounter an reading that says "...there's problem with 2019 models which is why the application has been taken down and eta for getting it back is at the end of summer. .."


But fyi this is not an offical position from Samsung, but i belive to be a safe source.


So, i apologize for beeing a little rude.


And lets wait until the end of the summer.

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