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UE50MU6100 turns on by itself during night

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I have just purchased this tv and at night it keeps turning itself on, I have 2 set to box connected (vu+duo and you view).. I have turned the Hdmi-cec off to the vu+ duo. As I thought it may have been that box turning the tv on when it completed updates during the night, but the problem still exists... Any help greatly appreciated. 


I know I can switch it off at the main power supply, but that shouldn't be the answer.

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same tv, same problem

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I had to turn HDMI cec off completely... Which shouldn't be the way forward...but the only thing that would work.

Same problem (Samsug and VU+). I'm starting to hate TV from Samsung. I do not want to turn off HDMI-CEC. Previous TV worked preferentially. If I turn it off, I do not need to pay for these Samsung features.
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