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UE50ES6300 freezes

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I have a Samusng UE50ES6300 it kept switching hdmi mode, screen would go blank then come back on. Wait around 5 minutes same again. Checked for updated firmware using the menu the tv froze when i clicked online update. The remote stopped working and had to turn off at mains.

I downloaded new firmware from samsung and put onto a usb. Reset the tv using the onboard menu, inserted usb. clicked update by usb tv froze again.
Selecting settings and putting passcode freezes tv, selecting internet settings freezes tv also. there is nothing at all plugged in to tv, i hav etried with everything unplugged and by plugging one thing in at a time. Still issues. a Firmware update is available, i just have no wway of getting it to update

Cannot get any further into the menu system other than to scan channels. The channels scan fine and the Tv works fine as a normal tv with no hdmi cables or other peripherals connected.

Any suggestions

AndrewL Moderator
@n8935f: Sorry to hear that you're having problems updating your TV. Based on the steps you have already attempted I recommend returning the TV to its default settings by going to Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. If you are prompted to enter a PIN and you haven't manually set one up then please enter the default '0000'. A message will appear telling you that all settings will be returned to factory defaults - hit 'Yes', then set the TV back up when the device restarts. If it continues to freeze then please contact a Samsung Support Centre to arrange for an engineer to inspect the TV. To find your nearest one please check the link below, select 'TV & AV > Television' and enter your post code.
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