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UE49NU8070 vs UE49NU8050

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Hi there, can somebody tell me the difference between the UE49NU8070 and the UE49NU8050 tv?

thanks al lot. 

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Superuser I

Hi @Difference,  Having checked out the specifications (at least the ones given)  seem identical.   Therefore think the difference is in the design  though both adhere to the 360  model and they have for instance Dynamic Crystal Control, Elite HDR and UHD Dimming.   Cannot see a great deal of reviews on 8050 (videos I found were double dutch  (literally and  unfortunately don't know much of that language)   Do know  the colour of the  frame  of  8050/70 is  Carbon Silver compared to  the  Eclipse silver of NU8000.  It is the 8500 which is the curved version in the series.  perhaps someone can give you a bit more specific information.

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