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UE49MU6400 Backlight bleed or I'm just dreaming

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Hi everyone,


First of all, I wish you a very happy year 2018


So, I've bought a new TV UE49MU6400 and I noticed that it has a backlight problem as I can see the while light from the bottom and the top and also, the constrast doesn't seem to be homogeneous everywhere. Before I return the TV or I call the technical service to fix that issue, I wanted to check first that it's really an issue.


I attached two photos that you can help me judge if it's a problem or if it's just "normal" to have this white light.


Huge thanks in advance.



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I'd return that TV. I have the 55 version and certainly does not have bleed like yours 

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I have the same issue (photo attached). I’ve asked the seller for a replacement - will see how I get on once I hear back. 





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Thank you both for your response. It's exactly what I was thinking!

My problem is that it's my second TV as I got the first one and it had the same problem so I got it replaced



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