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UE49KS9000 light bleed?

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Hi Guys, 

I’ve just bought a UE49KS9000 and when I’ve come to set it up, I’ve noticed that there is significant light bleed on top and bottom. I’ve researched a bit and noticed that it seems to be a common issue. 


Whats my best option? Will Samsung just replace the tv or will they look to repair it? It’s such a shame because the TV looks so good and has had so many good reviews... 


I should add that the retailer says should I return it I will not get a replacement as they have no more in stock and the current year model being MU9000 is not something that I want to settle for.


Hi had same problem with my tv phoned samsung asked me to send pictures of test screen .They came back and said there is no problem with tv its in the specification of this 2016/2017 model. And to turn back light down why should you turn back ligt down this tv is a high spec tv and should be perfect on any setting.

Was not happy with that out come so contcated John Lewis from who i bought it from and have taken it away to have a replacement panel fitted.Ss now just waiting for return of my tv hope its better.


You should not of took that lie off Samsung,they are trying it on. The TV is a high end HDR tv and is advertised as such . To use HDR properly your backlight has to be turned up to max . Im going through a similar thing with my tv . They sent someone out to change the panel last week and after they agreed  flashlighting/clouding was not improved and took the panel back out and put my old one back in . They now say they have ordered another panel and will install it as soon as it comes . If this doesn't sort the picture out I will be demanding a refund or an exchange for a new TV .You just have to be firm and clued up and not be a pushover .   


Hi yes tv has now gone back to John Lewis repair shop for new panel . Let's see what happens.


Update on my tv John Lewis replaced panel as under warranty now its how it should be .

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