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UE43RU7020 NAS Folder & Files Issue

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I have a UE43RU7020, which is connected to my NAS device, containing music and films. However, having successfully found the NAS itself, the TV only shows the folder and files that were present at the time, despite doing a refresh to get the latest.


As a result, it doesn't show the changes to the NAS structure, or reflect any files added or deleted since that initial setup by the TV.


I have other devices, including a Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone and a couple of Samsung 5 Series Smart TV's, which all show the latest NAS structure and work satisfactorily.


Note : During set-up, i wasn't asked for the password and username, so guessing it's using the anomonus username, which the NAS permits internally.


The TV has the lastest firmware installed, as does the ZyXEL NSA320S device.


Anybody got any ideas on why it doesn't get the latest structure when accessed or how i may add a username and password for it to use with the NAS.


Due to the current situation, it only plays certain files, as others are shown but don't exist anymore on the NAS.


It's very frustrating, especially with a TV that has the latest features and set's itself up.


Please, please, please, please can someone advise a fix that will work.

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