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UE40KU6400U TV's sound and picture are not in sync.


Thanks for your comment Pip4.

I'm surprised that a reset actually helped with this issue at all, but I'm glad it did for you for a while, at least.

I wish Samsung would be less complacent and more customer-focussed.  After all, each dissatisfied customer = future sales lost!



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In my case, it is only the "Bluetooth" that delays the sound, I have tried it with cheap and expensive headphones both fail.

However I have bought an optical converter that plugs into the  Digital Audio Out (Optical) port on my TV.  This in turn has an old fasion "Headphone" sockect which I use to connect an old fasion "wireless" headphone (not bluetooth) transmitter and wireless headphones.

No lag, stupid yes but no lag.

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