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UE40KU6400U TV's sound and picture are not in sync.


Afraid not, Andrew.

I just got similar advice each time ... and not once did it fix the problem ... so I just gave up!

It seems odd to me that most people don't seem to notice the delayed sound, until you point it out to them ... but somehow they can accept it okay.  I've learned to live with it, as it's not just Samsung TVs which have this problem and so what's the point in taking it back to get another (e.g. Panasonic) whcih does the same?!

I researched and discovered that synchronising the sound and picture is actually a lot harder (technically) than we might think  -  but, honestly, if they can have a setting for delaying the sound, why can't they delay the picture instead?!

Good luck ... and if you find a fix, please let me know.





It's harder to delay the video with a setting as it's much more data than the audio streaming past and it needs to be stored somewhere to delay it, so it takes quite a lot of memory to delay the picture, and usually the picture processing is much slower than any audio processing so it's unusual that the audio is behind the picture, it's usually always the other way around.


It's an odd one.










Hi Phil.


Yes, you're right ... it would be harder to delay the picture.

So why doesn't Samsung just ensure that the sound is processed more rapidly than it is currently?


I'm sure with old CRT TVs the picture and the sound were always in sync (when actually broadcast in sync) ... but that was simpler technology.


It annoys me, really, because it's such a BASIC function of a TV to emit the sound and picture in sync.  If the mighty Samsung can't achieve this, then they shouldn't be making TVs!  I know that technically what's being achieved with digital TVs is really clever  -  but surely some technical bod at Samsung could fix this via a software update!


PS:  When you choose a TV in a showroom, there's never live TV being displayed  -  so people don't notice the problem until they get the TV home (and even then some people are lucky enough still not to notice!).





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Same problem with new MU630D.  Please let me know if anyone finds a fix.


Yes, and me.

It's a shame that the experts at Samsung don't get off their complacent backsides to fix the problem.

No more Samsung products for me (well, not until the TV's sync is fixed).



I just purchased a 65" MU8500 and hooked to the connect one box and the home theater system is conneted to it as instructions show and im also trying to cure the Sound and Video delay .. its very annoying for a system of this price 


NB: Adjusting the setting for sound delay is only of use if it's the sound that needs delaying, not the picture!



i am researching a fix and i do beleive this is something we should try if you have it hooked up to Home Theater system. I just purchased my 65" MU8500 Feb-4-2018...


Update to sound not sync with video. I have insigna home theater reciever and i clicked sound parameter on remote and went to Audio delay and turned it of and that fixed it. i hope this helps those with the hometheater sound being out of sync with the screen

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