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UE32M5520AK: YouTube app disables USB sockets

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Just installed a UE32M5520AK in our son’s room and it looks great. Thanks Santa!

Live TV works fine and we plugged in a couple of USB sticks with movies on, and they play fine. Using the source button we can see both drives and Live TV (no other devices plugged in yet), and switch between the three options. 

However, once we’ve used the YouTube app, the source button only shows ‘Live TV’ and not the USB sticks. Unplugging and replacing the USB drives still doesn’t make them show in the source list, nor does putting the TV in standby and then waking it up again.

I have to turn the TV off at the wall, then turn it back on (the classic turn it of and on again) and then when I plug in the USB sticks, they’ll show in the source list.

I’m sure that shouldn’t be necessary? This seems like a bug on the YouTube app?



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