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UE32H6400 showing darker band on LHS

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My 3-year old Samsung UE32H6400 has recently started showing a translucent sharp-edged band at the left hand edge of the TV screen, maybe 6 inches wide. It's more visible in lighter scenes. I've tried the self-diagnosis, and it failed all 3 tests (although it's much harder to see in the greyscale vertical banding tests, so it's possible it might have passed one or both of those). It's on the latest software version. I tried putting it in Movie mode, as per suggestions from some similar threads, and I've also done a factory reset; if anything, it's a bit worse now!


Any ideas?

AndrewL Moderator
@cudbm: If the picture test has failed, and the issue is visible on all sources, then this sounds like a hardware problem. With this in mind I recommend contacting the Samsung AV Team on 0330 726 7864 where an advisor will be able to arrange an engineers inspection for you. Alternatively please check the link below, select 'TV & AV > Television' and enter your post code to find your nearest Support Centre, which you can contact directly to arrange an inspection.
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