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Tv white dots flashing scattered problem

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Hello, i own a fullHD tv (model n: UE46F6100AK) and i have some problems with it. A few months ago i started seeing occasionally a lot of white dots -small as a pixel- flashing scattered on the tv, at first we replaced the device connected to the tv thinking it was the problem but soon the white dots came back again. I realized that the problem was coming only from the HDMI/2 port of the tv so i moved the connected device to the HDMI1 port. The problem disappeared for some time but then after i switched the connected device with another one of another company the white dots came back again. Due the fact i've connected 3 different devices to the tv and the same problem occurred with all of them i imagine the problem is coming from the tv. What do i need to do? I think the warranty is over and i don't want spend too much on it.

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Superuser I
Sounds like a hardware issue, is the TV by a chance still under warranty? In that case I recommend to contact the vendor to handle it inside the warranty.
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