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Trouble connecting to internet

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Hi All,


I have a Samsung UE55ES8000UXXU smart TV and for the past five years everything has been fine.

I've been connecting to the internet via power line adaptors. We changed internet providers (to Sky) two months ago, and everything switched seamlessly. The TV continued to access the internet through the power line adaptors.


Just before the weekend, I tried to change a setting on a Bose smart speaker and now none of the 4 power line adapters in the house work, including the one the TV uses to access the internet.


I've tried to access the internet wirelessly but the TV won't pick up any wireless even though my phone has full signal and 50mbs connectivity.


Is there anything I can try to connect again? I was thinking of trying new power line adaptors but the fact they all stopped working at the same time tells me they're not the issue.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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