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Thunder bugs/Thunder flies In screen! KS9000 55"

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Has anybody attempted a section 75 on this issue? I've gone so far through the process, but just need to get a professional opinion now. I have contacted a few repair people, but haven't heard back from them yet. Has anybody else had a professional opinion on this situation?


This summer, more thrips have got into the TV - there are around 20 of them now.


I contacted Samsung about this, and it made it very clear it would not entertain any idea of resolving this issue under warranty. Very rude on the phone - I was made to feel like I was a burden. When I mentioned I'd take it further, the representative immediately said "I'll transfer you to legal", transferring me to Customer Relations; I was sent an email which stated the decision is something Samsung "will stand by".


I spent around £1500 on the TV, and it's just getting worse and worse.


I've boycotted Samsung products entirely now - I don't trust their products or customer service.

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@Dooby If tried all else then Section 75 (if applicable) would appear to be the route to go down, those affected feel free to report any developments.

@Sheenek  stated that insects in Tv would soon be covered by warranty in Australia, appears to be considered "Act Of God" pretty much elsewhere.  There will be situations  where retailers will be more cooperative, though may a case of establishing manufacturer defect


I've recently run into this problem with a dead insect on the inside of the screen. On closer inspection, I noticed that the back panel had come away from the frame another common problem with this TV. Having seen that the insect was about 3 inches from where the back panel had separated common sense would tell you that's how the insect got in. Anyway contacted Currys, TV still under 5-year warranty very helpful on phone said they'll fix it no problem. Then received a text from them saying TV being returned unrepaired contacted them straight away said they fixed back panel but left insect in the screen. After a few more calls got a manager who said because the insect COULD have gotten in through a vent they won't be fixing it after some more time she basically let it slip that they not fixing it because the complete panel would need to be replaced. I'll be taking my case further as the insect clearly got inside the TV though a manufacturing problem with the TV I have the pictures to back it up.

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